Heti Membership Information

Members that fulfill the membership criteria, from any country and culture, of any faith or no faith.

HETI offers Federation, Institute, Business, Associate and Honorary categories of membership.

This multi-level membership tier allows for all levels of interest. The Associate Membership category is affordable to those who are no longer actively teaching, researching or governing; but may still want to stay in touch with what is going on in the field on a basic level.

Federation Membership — is open to organizations (including for-profit organizations) desiring to be a formative member of the HETI Federation. In this regard, the Officers and Executive Committee members must look to the benefit of the HETI and not only to their own organisation’s interests.

A Federation Member has voting rights (one vote per organization) and may nominate one of their body to become members of the International Council. All IEC nominees would need to be affiliated with a Federation Member, so the history, foundation, ethos and governance of HETI would be continuous.

Federation Members have full access to all materials (journal, triennial membership directory, on-line journal articles, advertising, discount for Congress, etc.).

Institute Membership is for colleges and universities, research institutes (physical, cognitive and emotional) and organizations, and organizations with educational and/or certification capabilities. It does not confer voting rights. These members will also have a specialized area of the HETI website. These members will receive electronic versions of materials. Institute Members can also apply to become a Federation Member if they met the criteria established by the IEC.

Business Membership is for organizations, businesses and individuals who are active in equine assisted activities, therapy and education, or related fields such as an equipment vendor, or other equine service provider. This non-voting membership level would only receive publications electronically.

Associate Membership — is for individuals, organizations, and institutes whose interest in HETI is primarily to stay abreast of what is happening in the field of equine assisted activities. These members will not receive the journal or the directory but will be able to access information on the website.

Honorary Membership — is an electronic membership, granted by the International Executive Committee, to affiliated organizations and individuals.