Fitting In . . .

. . . an endearing little book that will immediately strike a chord with children and adults.

Although “A Horse’s Tale” is a play on words the truth is at any age we struggle to find our place with Nature, religious groups, political organizations, neighbors and the work to renew and find ourselves.

Kids know this panacea as they try to figure best friends, deal with outsiders and teachers. They draw the boundary in the best way possible in ways to secure their identity and find themselves in a circle of friends and associations. There, the “tale” and adventure begins with Picasso drawing all of us in at any age. Reentry for Picasso is painful, debilitating and requires a brave exit in order to come home again. Acceptance by the other horses did not come easily and only a very few would dare the risks involved. “Fitting In” is not like working pieces of a puzzle, rather it is a process we are all obliged to face in some way daily.

 What a great non-judgmental way to teach children (and adults!) about relationships, our individual differences and mutual acceptance. As a person who grew up in Brooklyn, I have never had any direct experience with horses. So, I found the section describing horses absolutely fascinating — from their eyes to their tails! I have two granddaughters who love and ride horses and I am looking forward to sharing the book with them and talking about it after its been read.” Lee Junker, previous administrator in Philadelphia’s public mental health system 54 pages — black&white – glossy photographs – paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9801325-0-2

This is a stimulating bold adventure led by a team of writers following the horses “tales.” Thank you.”

Fred Lipp, Award winning Author of Children’s Books, Founder of Cambodian Scholarship Foundation

The photos were amazing ! I knew horses were sensitive but that’s all I knew. What a story for this one animal…and of course, all animals…and all of us…One’s place , ones individuality, and all the valuable unique circumstances which define us as we try to live together…—- beautifully rendered in this book . May it reach far and inspire !”

Doreen Conboy, Filmmaker and Restoration Expert