Visit – a web portal for scholarly research in Human Animal Interactions that offers: BELGIUM: HIPPODECOM NEW96 RUE DES Flaches, B-6280 Gerpinnes, BELGIQUE-BELGIUMTel: 33 71 50 28 94 Fax: 33 71 50 44 61Email: [email protected] Contact person: Genevieve PreatLANGUAGE: French; Englishprogrammes: Therapeutic Riding for children with disorders of verbal communication and disorders in writing. … Read more

Hello Bob

Have you ever tried to keep six students engaged and happy … and only had one horse? Hello Bob! + 49 Other Interactive Vaulting Games is written for vaulting instructors and coaches who are looking for creative activities besides the vaulting compulsories. It is also an equally valuable tool for instructors of able-bodied and therapeutic … Read more

Equine Assisted Activities

It is widely recognised that the interaction between people and horses has a powerful and varied benefit. The benefits are physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. Horses complement the work of many practioners, Physiotherapists, OT’s, Speech Therapist’s, Educationalists and Psychotherapists among others, use equine facilitated activity to enhance their work. The movement of the horse’s walk … Read more


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International CongressAn International Congress is held every three years. XIVth International Congress of Therapeutic Riding will be held April, 2012, in Athen, Greece. XIIIth International Congress in Munster was 12 – 15 August, 2009. Summary Report XIIth International Congress was held in Brasilia, Brazil – Aug. 8-12, 2006. CDs of Congress Proceedings – papers presented … Read more