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When the Red Horse Spoke

As more and more people discover that learning with horses is a powerful way of putting leadership theory into practice, this book is full of ideas and information for all those who are, or would like to be, doing this work.

When the Red horse Spoke is the very personal story of how Beth Duff took learning with horses into the corporate environment. It describes her early experiences with Chelsea, the red horse who spoke and inspired the dream and then goes on to explain how she made that dream into a business with the launch of The Red Horse Speaks in 2004, the first learning with horses programme in Scotland and now internationally recognised as a leader in this field.

There is plenty of practical advice on topics such as business planning, sales and marketing for those who want to set up a similar business or indeed launch and gain credibility for any innovative product or service. There is also some specific advice on the care and welfare of horses involved in this work. The book contains the results of the research that Beth has done so far including some of the first measurements of the impact that horses can have on humans and describes some of the challenges involved in finding a suitable establishment for doing leading edge research. And, of course, there are inspiring stories too about the magic of learning with horses and the profound effect these magnificent animals can have on people of all ages and abilities.

The book is available from Amazon and from Authorhouse, the publishers.

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