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How It All Started
The FNverlag was founded in 1977 as a one hundred percent subsidiary of the German Equestrian Federation (FN). Since then a professional, practical and sophisticated programme has evolved with about 350 books, videos, dvd's and CD roms. These include many longsellers and bestsellers such as "Riding with Understanding and Feeling", "Das Pferdebuch für junge Reiter" (Horse Book for Young Riders) or the "Pferdegesundheitsbuch" (Horse Health Book).

The Authors Are Specialists And Experts
All authors of the FNverlag are well-known specialists and acknowledged experts in the equestrian field. They include such famous names as: Georg-Christoph Bödicker, Susanne von Dietze, Ulrike and Christiane Gast, Prof. Dr. Bodo Hertsch, Christoph Hess, Hans-Heinrich Isenbart, Isabelle von Neumann-Cosel, Martin Plewa,Michael Putz and many more.

Your Guarantee for Professionally Qualified Information
The German Guidelines of the FN for riding, driving and vaulting, the "German Rule Book LPO" (Leistungs-Prüfungs-Ordnung) and the "Sport and Breeding Yearbook" (Jahrbuch Zucht und Sport) feature as major publications and an integral part of our programme. These books guarantee reliable as well as professional and qualified information for everyone who wants to have first-hand information about the FN's wide range of tasks.

Our Unique Great Choice Of Topics
In addition to instructional and reference books, we also publish for example books for children and teenagers, picture books and gift books, scientific publications... which are intended particularly for beginners or people returning to riding, as well as for leisure riders.

Unique In Germany
A wide variety of different themes are covered. Indeed the range and level of competence is unique in Germany. Our most important subject is naturally the training of the rider and horse as this ultimately benefits the horse. Today – after 30 years of equestrian commitment - the FNverlag is the competent partner for top equestrian experts as well as enthusiastic horse lovers at all levels.

Managing Directors
Siegmund Friedrich, Rainer Reisloh Number Of Employees 10 plus 2 trainees and 2 freelancers