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Cowboy Poetry was created to encourage equine centres to develop partnerships with educational institutions and to serve as a resource for kids that have become disengaged from the educational process. This curriculum is designed to excite even the most challenging of students to become involved academically.
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Case studies and international reports.
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Katharina Alexandridis: Horse-assisted Movement-therapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Ute S. Patrick: One Horse Power for success - The cooperation between equine assisted Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology

Julia Springer: Therapeutic Riding with Persons Suffering from Primary Fibromyalgia

Lisa Graschopf: Sterntalerhof - Palliative Care with horses


An endearing little book that will immediately strike a chord with children and adults..
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German equestrian publishing company. English and German literature.

Written for vaulting instructors and coaches who are looking for creative activities besides the vaulting compulsories.
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Developed for students that are at-risk of failing in the traditional school setting due to special needs, failing grades, negative behaviors, suspensions, low attendance or even expulsions.
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Kids From the Inside Out is a process based mental health program.
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Kids From the Inside Out

Trying to convince educators that horses are wonderful teachers can be something of a challenge. The Strides Learning centre found that if you can get one opportunity to provide services, the work can speak for itself.
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Marvelous Minis 

Michael Putz presents clear evidence that serious, carefully considered training, carried out feelingly in accordance with the rules of classical equestrianism, is the system which is ideally suited to horses and most beneficial for them.
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The Italian Equestrian Federation (FISE) Therapeutic Riding Handbook has been written for the FISE courses and for people who would like to have a book where all the most important aspects of TR are discussed.

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FISE Handbook 

The theory and practice of volunteer recruitment and training with specific applications to therapeutic riding programmes.

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Expert horsewoman Armgard Schörle shares innovative techniques that enables children of all learning levels to ride with confidence and self-awareness.
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Will establish a foundation for a therapeutic equestrian centre’s staff, volunteers, program participants and horses.

Highlights the skills required to be a successful NARHA Therapeutic Riding Instructor..
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The book provides the reader with very concrete knowledge about horses and therapeutic horseback riding lessons.
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The very personal story of how Beth Duff took learning with horses into the corporate environment.
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An enlightening book written to aid readers in understanding how therapeutic riding provides an effective form of therapy for those suffering from post-traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
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A Manual for the HEAL Model for Equine-facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning.

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This is the story of Sister Chiara, the socialite who became a Franciscan nun and then an instructor for Riding for the Disabled.

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