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The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI) publishes the Scientific and Educational Journal of Therapeutic Riding (SEJThR) annually. The focus of the journal is on advancing knowledge in the fields of therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities and therapies.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – We are seeking original submissions with the purpose of advancing knowledge in the fields of therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities and therapies.

The SEJThR has several submission categories:

  • Original Research – An original research study conducted by the author.
  • Review – A comprehensive or systematic review of research on a specific topic.
  • Case Study – A presentation of a single comprehensive case study or multiple case studies.
  • Theory and Practice – A discussion of a specific topic in the field
  • Letter to the Editor – Comments on articles published in the SEJThR.

Manuscripts are reviewed through a double-blind peer-review system and submissions are  welcome throughout the year.

Please submit your full text manuscript by February 1, 2017 for consideration for the 2016 journal.

Journal editors are Nina Ekholm Fry and Sue Maree Cotton.

     Call for Manuscripts

SUBMISSION OVERVIEW AND GUIDELINES – Before preparing a manuscript for submission to SEJThR, please review the following materials carefully:

Manuscript Submission Overview – This document provides an overview of the submission process and its policies.

Manuscript Guidelines – These guidelines outline the necessary format for your manuscript in order for it to be considered for review.

Manuscript Submission Checklist – This checklist assists the author in ensuring correct submission format.

Failure to understand the mission of the journal and its editorial policies can cause substantial delays in the review of your submission and may lead to an early rejection of your manuscript.

Please contact the journal editors if you have questions regarding submission format.

CALL FOR REVIEWERS – We welcome additional peer-reviewers to support the quality and relevance of the journal. SEJThR uses a double-blind peer review system in which the author and reviewer are anonymous to each other.

If you are interested in volunteering your time as a reviewer for the SEJThR, click here for more information about the application process.

CONTACT – Please direct all communication regarding the journal to editors Nina Ekholm Fry and Sue Maree Cotton.
Email: editorial@hetifederation.org